Monday, January 31, 2011

State of the Life

On the good side...

I picked up my old Trace Elliot MK IV bass head the other day.  I had to, because the shop will begin to charge me for keeping it after it's fixed, and because I don't want to become an albatross to them!  But man, does that amp sound good!  It's a 1984 or so model, and sounds way better to my ears than the 1990s SMX-series I also have.  Go figure- the older one is made of better parts, was made when the company still had to be top-notch as a new entry into the market, and had fewer bells and whistles to offer- more attention was paid to basiscs.  And the uv light works!  See?...


I played it last night jamming with a drummer, and the thing sounds great.  Only an SVT would make me happier- albeit it's an entirely different animal.  So maybe not.

Anyway, that's one.  Another is that my wife got a 'raise' at her church organist job.  Nice.  A small thing, but meaningful.

What else is new... well, I guess mention of 'the raise' will bring me to why that is so meaningful.  And now the bad side... I'm out of work.  And way behind in everything.  That sucks.

I got a phone call this morning after not hearing the expected call over the weekend, and was informed there is nothing for the week.  Not only because of the weather, but because the inside jobs have stalled as well.  No bids have been returned, or called in about.  I applied for a job last week as a maintenance man at an 'old folks' day care center, in anticipation of such a turn in the road.  No response as of yet.  I have a small odd-job or two to finish, and then I'm in Screwed-Land.  So I'm off to apply for whatever I can find.  I don't know what else to say or write about just now... I have no savvy angles, no clever turns-of-phrase, or insights to offer up.  I'm flat as a floor-tile, dry as a stale biscuit.  Almost downright bewildered...

Hopefully there'll be something to write about soon, after this wall of a predicament comes tumbling down before me, hopefully without crushing me under it.  I'll be back, for one reason or another!

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