Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Resolve, or Something Similar

I've rediscovered my Fostex Model 250 4-track cassette recorder.  I got it a couple years ago for $50, with the manual.  It all works!  A bit finicky, but it's an old booger and sounds good, like me.  : )  So I'm spending a few short evenings a week with it, dropping bits on it to turn into songs, or parts of songs.  There's only so much you can do with 4 tracks of bass guitar, but it's a start.  There are a couple other instruments around... but I have an ad in the venerable craigslist.org for a drummer, and will try and avoid the morass of tormentive "local talent" that is sure to surface, and circle, slowly...

Gigs are slow so far, and I presume that it's because of the poor market at-large we're experiencing.  I am beginning to wonder how some of my neighbors, let alone myself, are surviving... but we're a resilient creature, made of hopeful stuff- so we shall survive, one innovative way or another.  Like the Fantastic Mr. Fox, we shall rise to the surface, even if it's from underground.  Inspiration of the day.

My life is nonetheless full of negotiating- even every moment at home is a continually-morphing labyrinth of politics, desires, anxiety, etc... and in large part it's brought on by the constant reconciling with the iron demands of the outside world:  A world that establishes its own order, having bolted-shut the side-doors and window exits to alternate paths for achievement, and personal success, on one's own terms.  School, for example... "No Child Left Behind".  Do we need to get into that?  It would be more straightforward and honest to just divide us all by a standard, set up ghettos and potato farms, and get on with it.

There's never been a harder time to be creative- but because of that, there's probably never been a potentially more rewarding time, or more fertile ground to plow into.  The deeper the peril, the higher the ground of success.  I have to run with that.  So we're off for the high ground.  God bless us... this is gonna leave a mark.

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