Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Obvious

I'm back to work.  That is a great relief, and changes the entire look of the road before me.  Of course it does!  ...Stating the obvious has always been sort of a strong suit I guess.  But it's not so much what we do, as how we do it, isn't it?  Stating the obvious is ok if you have a novel angle to offer along with it.  Then it becomes "insight", and thus new information... and that's the thing we're after in this endeavor of writing, I suppose:  To "open it up", as it were, and get to the good stuff of life that's got hidden in those nooks and crannies so easily calloused-over with the wear and use of a day.  We write to provoke and to encourage the seeking out of that now-blurred inspiration we once had, not so long ago, bringing it again clearly into view for the refreshing of the spirit and renewing of the outlook.

We tend to go numb over time, you see, and forget the whats and hows that come of those *fleeting but bright* inspirational moments (we are a creative creature, after all).  In fact we might even fail to recognize those tiny glimpses of the heavenly when we soldier on, doggedly, nose-to-the-grindstone without a break. We need to maintain- yea, I say to re-create our selves- on a regular basis.  It's like checking the oil in your car:  Your engine will eventually seize...

In a similar way, my morning can become transformed from the drab nowhere-going routine it threatens to "bloom" into to a scape of almost-glimmering, hopeful possibilities, with a mere adjustment to my point of view.  A little help can really make it happen:  This morning I am refreshed with the glad and hopeful burden of having to get my narrow ass over to a house to replace some exterior doors.  It's an odd-job I took on to hold my suffering morale upright until regular work could rear it's homely-but-happy head, and so I must do it its honor.  Besides, it's for a friend and musical associate, and I have my future to think about... obviously.

I hope things turn around for us all, for good, soon.

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