Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Day

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is loping along her wanton path somewhere several hundred miles south and slightly west of us here in RI.  Word is she's supposed to be turning west into New York and New Jersey by now.  It's about 4:45, and her intensity in our little neighborhood has only 'moved up a notch' since I was up on the ladder at 7 a.m. screwing 3/8" plywood over all the fragile old window sash on the front of the house.  I might even say I'm just a mite bit disappointed in the low-level performance of this "Monster Hurricane" we've been hearing about for the last 2 days.  I haven't really been checking in on weather a few hours now, as it's been sort of a quiet and uneventful time here.  We've all whiled away the day sort of hanging out, each of us with our own rendition of "doing nothing".  Been kind of nice actually. 

I watched the first episode of "Battlestar Galactica" on Netflix, after having spent a couple weeks being brought up to speed on the otherwise, to me, incomprehensible story by the entire season of its pilot prequel,"Caprica", which provides a reasonably entertaining back-story.   The original version of "Battlestar" was in fact produced in the 80s, and it's recieved a good deal better production this time around.  The story has also been made a fuller experience with inclusion of the afore-mentioned prequel, and is all together pretty engaging and not so campy at all- the only potential exception being in the ultra-hot, ambitiously blonde Cylon nymph who inhabits the mind of the traitorous human scientist (but I'll concede it's actually an intruiging nudge at what we in our pop-society call "mental illness")... funny I don't remember her character's name...

My wife has been entertaining the piano to facilitate learning her music for choir practice, between visits sitting outside the kitchen door to commune with Sandy's periphery and cooking various food items for us all to browse through the day.  My kids are upstairs playing "Animal Jam" on-line and being checked in on from time to time by their annoying parents.  My elder kid and I took a walk out to the pond earlier today to watch the wind-spirits fly across the surface of the water, look for still-living palm-sized snails, and lean back into the wet gusts of wind. 

So far we haven't had need of any emergency measures or hunker-down sessions.  It's just been a quiet, sort of pleasantly listless day of rest.  I'm almost bored... and quite content with it.  Ah, and now I think I'll go see if  I can dig up that bottle of Moxie I bought yesterday, which seems to have disappeared.  Might be my kids have taken after their old dad. 

And with that I'll sign off, leaving you with the word my friend and band-mate Larry said to me over email early this morning, "Stay dry and vertical".

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